Lesley Arnold freelance project mamager

“Lesley is a multi-talented Online Business Manager & Strategic Online Business Coach, who makes leveraging and managing technology look easy breezy!”

Willo Sana - Transformational Business Coach

Visionaries need implementors.

You are a successful entrepreneur/business owner who has great vision. You need your vision to be balanced with clear strategy and strong implementation. You’d like less stress and improved outcomes.

I can help you manage and structure your business for growth and optimal operating efficiency. Perhaps you know what needs to be done or maybe you need support in working that out, either way, if this resonates with you, let’s have a chat.

Visionary type entrepreneurs are very inspiring. It’s not that I don’t have vision – it’s that I’m stronger on implementation. I have a scientific mind and an aptitude for details.

I get immense satisfaction and get totally energized working on inspiring ideas! If you’ve already got some solid successes under your belt but have more great ideas than can be implemented successfully, then let me help you turn all those ideas into reality – smoothly and methodically.

“Lesley is incredible! A clear thinker who consistently provides valuable insights to take your business to the next level.”

George, Entrepreneur & Photographer

“Wow, Lesley is a real ‘pitbull’; she knows what she is doing, she’s extremely result oriented and is not happy until the job is done.”

Esther Jacobs, the 'No Excuses' lady

“She revels in challenges, is a lateral thinker and is always open to new ideas. A very valuable asset ”

Mark, Technology Manager

“Lesley is a great people person, with integrity and professionalism”

John - Solution Architect

“We hit the jackpot when we found Lesley”

The Constant Investor

“Lesley is organised and an excellent communicator”

Sean, Professional Trainer

“Lesley’s work ethic and friendly character make her a valued asset”

Ant, Change manager

“A dedicated project manager who’s influential nature raises commitment and performance”

Tony, Project Manager