Lesley Arnold

Project management, technology, implementation, operations

I thrive on achievement; I love making things work. I take great satisfaction in creating and optimizing processes, making operations more efficient and coming up with new ideas. I have very varied experience and I am super organised. My professional experience is predominantly in Project Management and Operations, as well as Business Management, Coaching and Change management. I can help you with:

– Project and Operations Management to structure to deliver outcomes
– Finding the right procedures, tools and applications for your business
– Coaching and business strategy
– Administration, process creation & optimization
– Managing technology – Websites, eCommerce, Mailing lists and integrations

Any of these interest you?

Some fun facts about me:

  • I’ve lived on 4 continents.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in Project Management.
  • Worked diverse industries including 10 years in IT Project management.
  • My career has been incredibly fun: I worked as an Au Pair in the Channel Islands, as a cook on a small ship in the Mediterranean, in Property Management in London, teaching scuba diving in Australia and managing a hotel in Vietnam.
  • Started my corporate career as an Executive Assistant in Product management for a large telco before becaming a project manager
  • Left my corporate career as a Sales Operations Manager for a large Australian B2B telco.
  • I am liminal.

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Liminal (adj) – Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

My liminality means that I don’t fit into a box, I don’t have a single career and I am very flexible. I am a generalist that can apply myself to a multitude of different tasks and challenges. I always revel in change and new opportunities.

I now split my time between Australia and Vietnam, and have a wonderful location independent life with lots of freedom. I get immense satisfaction out of seeing your processes and organization get dialed-in so there’s less stress, less effort, and you get better results.