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Lesley Arnold


Bachelor of Science – University of Cape Town

Master of Project Management – University of Technology, Sydney

“Human nature is not black and white, but black and grey” – Graham Greene

In 2010 whilst working for a large corporate company, a friend and colleague introduced me to the Free Range Human movement. This ignited a spark in me that until recently remained just a small glow of opportunity. Free range is about breaking out of the cubicle and getting out in to the world, exploring opportunities and doing what you do best with no limitations.

Liminal (adj) – Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

My liminality means that I don’t fit in to a box, I don’t have a single career and I am very flexible. I am a generalist that can apply myself to a multitude of different tasks and challenges. I always revel in change and new opportunities.

I have lived on 4 continents, I have a bachelors degree in Marine Biology and a masters in Project Management. I have worked diverse industries and roles from IT Project management to scuba  diving instructor, hotel manager to web designer, English editor to Au Pair, sailing instructor to executive assistant.

After 10 years in the telecommunications industry in Australia, I am now location independent and I split my time between Vietnam, Australia and traveling.  I enjoy the variety of work that I do, the diversity of the people that I work with and the freedom to choose what I do with my time.