Lesley Arnold


My Formal Education:

Bachelor of Science – University of Cape Town

Master of Project Management – University of Technology, Sydney


Project management, technology, implementation, operations
(Laser beams and frost breath not included)

I thrive on achievement; I love making things work. I take great satisfaction in creating and optimizing processes, making operations more efficient.

Would you like your business to run with less effort while delivering more results?

Other fun facts about me:

  • Lived on 4 continents,.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in Project Management.
  • Worked diverse industries including 10 years in IT Project management.
  • My career has been incredibly fun: I worked as an Au Pair in the Channel Islands, 9 months as a cook on a small ship in the Mediterranean, working in Property Management in London and teaching scuba diving in Australia.
  • Wound up in a corporate career, starting as an Executive Assistant in Product management for a large telco.
  • Became an effective Agile project manager
  • Left corporate career as a Sales Operations Manager.
  • Now very liminal.

Liminal (adj) – Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

My liminality means that I don’t fit into a box, I don’t have a single career and I am very flexible. I am a generalist that can apply myself to a multitude of different tasks and challenges. I always revel in change and new opportunities.

I now split my time between Australia and Vietnam, and have a wonderful life with lots of freedom. I get immense satisfaction out of seeing your processes and organization get dialed-in so there’s less stress, they take less time, and you get more results.

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I have very varied experience and I am super organised. My professional experience is predominantly in Project Management and Operations, as well as Business Management, Coaching and Change management. I can help you with:

– Project Management to structure to deliver outcomes
– Finding the right tools and applications
– Operations Management and procedures
– Coaching and business strategy
– Hiring and managing your team
– Administration, process creation & optimization
– Copy and documentation
– Website strategy
– Mailing lists and integrations
– eCommerce
– Online publishing

Any of these interest you?