Need simple but annoying tasks done?

You have tasks on your list that need to be done, but they are repetitive, simple and you know that you could be doing more important things to grow your business. Hiring a low cost VA comes with risks and the overheads of hiring, interviewing, onboarding and training and you know there must be an easier way…

I have a team in Vietnam that are currently under-utilised and are available to take on tasks to help you in your business. The team work with me in my business and I train and mentor them. I’ll communicate with you to understand the task, then supervise the team to ensure that the deliverables are of high quality.

If your tasks or processes are loosely defined, I can work with you to create SOPs to make delegating your tasks simple.

Recent tasks that have been completed include:

  • Creating new website pages in WordPress, copying and pasting content from a previous website, including optimising layout, adding images and managing formatting.
  • Scraping all email addresses manually from Linkedin Connections
  • Checking data for formatting (e.g. CRM/email list checking to make sure that all contact names have capital letters)
  • Adding information to a database from the web

If you have any tasks that require time and effort at a low rate – please get in touch. Rates start from $5 an hour, including my supervision and quality checking.

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