Strategic Optimization for Growth

I work best with visionary entrepreneurs who really need a “right hand wonderwoman” who can do a little of everything to get the systems tight. My preferred working arrangement is a three month engagement to restructure and overhaul a business, followed by a monthly retainer to troubleshoot and support the new operations.

Loosely, It works like this:

Month 1: Review and fact finding, really understanding your business.

  • Take a deep dive in to your operations and gather the “low hanging fruit”

Month 2: Strategy and planning.

  • We compare where you are now to where you want to be, and put a plan in place to get there

Month 3: Implementation

  • We put the plans in place. We make them scalable and sustainable. If necessary, we train your team.

After that, I’m happy to be available to support you ongoing making adjustments and troubleshooting, so you can really succeed with your new systems.

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